Directions to Hatta

October 22, 2012

With the Eid holidays coming this weekend, I have received emails asking on directions of how to reach Hatta.

The easiest way I can give you is via map links on Google Maps. My driver-Husband pinned the directions if you are coming from Dubai. With the advent of smart phones which can save google maps offline, these are great tools to guide us and keep track of where we are and where we're heading.

So here's the directions, click on the link next to it:

From Hatta roundabout to Hatta Pools
For a more challenging offroad drive to Ash Shuwayha

The direction for Hatta Pools stopped  at the fork where you need to go down left to park at the falaj, then walk yourself now to the pools. Others move a little further from this fork to the other side of the pools but we haven't tried this route, so cant advise. Either way, you are now in the area.

For our routes we've taken, you might want checking some of my blog posts below:

If you get to read the blog posts above, there's not much mention about Hatta's main community, but you may consider stopping by the Hatta heritage park, if it is open when you're there. Happy tripping!

From my family, here's greeting everyone Eid Mubarak!

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