Obtaining a visit visa for my sister-in-law

October 31, 2012

One thing that I so love about Dubai is the efficiency of processes in transacting with government services, that of course is in comparison with my experiences back home. In 30 minutes, I had received my sister-in-law's long term visit visa.

I left work on time today and reached the DNRD at Jafliya exactly 6pm. With documents inside the envelope, I headed at the typing center left of the DNRD building's main entrance. To the cashier I asked if I am eligible to sponsor my sister-in-law. She asked back my profession, and in confirmation, she assigned me to one of the typists. The typist asked for SIL's passport copy and my passport copy, and asked me to pay AED 1270. 

Mr. Typist asked for SIL's photo (I brought none, so he scanned photo from the passport copy, it wasn't an issue), my salary certificate, and Husband's passport copy and Marriage contract (last two requirements to support the in-law relationship, otherwise if parents or siblings, not required). So yet, tenancy contract and DEWA bill are not needed but I brought them still. 

I next headed to the ladies lounge. That's if from the main entrance, take right to the end then left and straight to the Ladies Council door. My documents were quickly checked and was asked to pay the AED 2000 guarantee deposit. Went out again and midway to the same hallway I passed is the Commercial Bank of Dubai counter. I paid AED 20 for service charges.

Lastly, I brought my receipt to the Ladies lounge and in two minutes, received SIL's long term visit visa.

Now, SIL's Brother needs to go to the Philippine Consulate to request authentication of an Affidavit of Support. If getting a visa is 30 minutes short, a visit to the Consulate spells long cues, and a waiting time of two to three weeks for the document to come through! (Now you understand how I love the streamlined processes of Dubai government!)

Oh I forgot, part of the AED 1270 I paid is a travel insurance.

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  1. Ah, obtaining visas is always a nightmare, no matter what your nationality is and where you want to go...

  2. Hi, were the supporting documents like the marriage contract attested here in UAE? I am also soon going to DNRD to apply visa for my sister visiting but im worried if the supporting proofs that im going to carry with be accepted. I'll be bringing with me both our certificates and her marriage contract as proof, both from NSO and without attestation in UAE wheresoever.

  3. Has anyone else been successful at this? I need to do this as well in Abu Dhabi!


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