Kids celebrate the UAE National Day 2012

December 08, 2012

If there's a celebration for patriotism that I look forward to, that would be the UAE's National Day happening every 2nd of December. And if all flags hoisted during the event are to cover an area (as a % of total geographic size), UAE is sure to grab another Guinness for that. Expats and locals alike wave flags while establishments are like in a race to roll out the longest and widest flag. Towers flash a common hue for the day - that of green, white, black and red.

Homes, especially of locals proudly raise flags while lots of cars are painted in flag colors too. And wherever one is, he will not miss a celebration. Every street is in festivity.

This year, the Filipino community has been invited to join the parade at Downtown Dubai. In show of gratefulness to the host country, the community through various organizations came in throngs. Cordillerans UAE also brought its banner, and Kuya and the Little Princess gamely marched the streets, with a photo featured at Timeout Dubai.

The Kids' Dad has to catch up with them and took photos of the parade as well. For those who missed the parade, we uploaded some photos of the event HERE.

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