Our Princess, Her Milk and Her Spoon

December 23, 2012

It's Christ birthday tomorrow, and as my family's celebrating it, I took two days work leave. Gifts are wrapped and one more to grab and wrap today. What's special this Christmas for the family is having our Little Princess with us for her first time to greet Jesus a happy birthday. 

I have not blogged for quite sometime but I am sneaking this in. Yesterday, after 17 months of missing it ( 9 months pregnancy and 8 months post natal), my monthly girly visitor showed up. It's 4 days short before Little Princess turns 8 months. Is there a deal about this? For me, at least. You see, other moms get back their menses pretty soon, but I got mine late. I largely attribute it to my breastfeeding. I got back at work by Little Princess's 3 months, and until she was six months, she EXCLUSIVELY nursed on my milk. I continued expressing at work, and lately when I was having issues on my ability to sustain my schedule of hiding and filling those two milk bottles, I planned on slowing down my 'production' which I seem to achieve. Then, boom! my menses came, and it hit me -- it came back because I am trying to give less of my milk to my baby. And I am not happy :-( . Honestly.

Little Princess is a picky eater, and is a daily struggle to give her her formula milk and Cerelac. I once pureed a carrot, and she vomited it out. I probably get another lecture from Little Princess's doctor if he'll know I haven't been feeding her fruit and vegetable purees because I think she's not ready and she declines any of these. Another guilt in me.

But she loves nibbling on rusks, probably because of her itchy gums. She has four teeth now and more are ready to break out.

Meantime, here's Little Princess in Christmas colors greeting you a Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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