Desert driving

January 01, 2013

After five years of driving here in the sandpit and after changing from a 2.7L  to a 4.0L V6 engine, I had no qualms when my Big Gremlin asked to get into intermediate desert driving.

We've manuevered by our lonesome the sands of Falaj Al Moalla in Ras Al Khaimah and Al Khawaneej off Mirdiff, so I gave him his fair share of my trust. And he just knows not to get the car into trouble, else...

Last Friday, all four of us finally joined some newly-found friends on desert driving. We arrived early in the morning as the other cars who since camped from the night prior, is by now preparing to pack up.

When everyone was ready, we headed off to Area 53 (that's how they called the desert location)

The car went sidewards, leaning down, revving up to the tip of the dune, and what else -- all heart racing experiences.

What can I say? Desert driving could be a scary thought for a first time rider like me however, I feel that to have a good start, one has to have an expert desert driving leader, trust in one's engine, the gut to drive, knowledge of the desert and love for dunes


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