It's been awhile

July 18, 2013

It's the 19th of July and this is my second blog post for the year!

Hello blog, I do miss updating you, and for a re-start, here's a photo that summarizes the absence:

I wrote this in one of those crazy days, and tucked it in my wallet. I forgot about it and found myself smiling after seeing it again. It's way better now, but with two adorable kids at home, they are the priority.

The note was my way of saying I can only do so much and I should not get myself sick, as at the end of the day, I have to keep my focus on my family/ies. (Cheesy, ei? =) )

Where have we been anyway? For the first half of the year, I wonder what our car tyres would say if it would speak? They've been threading the Lahbab desert tracks almost every week, except when we were away back home. Up until May, they usually reach the desert at 12 midnight to join some 10 other cars, and by morning, be gliding up, down and by the sand dunes. They know Pink Rock, Fossil Rock, Pyramid and Area 53. This summer, I started to complain (bad me!), the desert addiction stayed, not even the baking heat put them off. This time, they drive between 5pm to 7pm, rest awhile in the dark and be home between 10-11pm. By the way, I and Little Girl stay behind at home half the time.

There's Pixie attempting to reach a high point at the Pyramid.
And here's the best thing I should have been sharing, smiles, giggles and more smiles:

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