Summer Night Camping at Dibba Fujairah

August 10, 2013

We survived it! Camping out with a toddler on a humid summer night, I mean.

With the uncomfortable temperature here in the sand pit, the Gremlins were confined at home, and even the Husband missed to join the desert drives (because I was stopping him to -- my bad!). However, I've extremely bored Kuya already (who's just excited to go back to school rather than be home watching Dragon Ball Z marathon) so we joined friends over the weekend on a drive to Dibba Fujairah. They are our friends from our offroad driving group.

Friends brought raw fish, chicken and hotdogs for the barbeque that we shared over dinner. Some also went fishing, and the guys cooked their catch for 'pulutan' as they shared stories late through the night.

Hello Little Girl, curious on the kettle?

Our camping site at Dibba Fujairah was at an enclosed area at the back of a residential vicinity near the port. As with the Eid celebration with a traffic at Khorfakkan and Bidya Mosque, it was great to have the beach by ourselves.

The night was comfortably warm and a bit windy at the open air, however, getting inside the tent was unpleasant - hot and humid. We ended up sleeping inside the car with the airconditioner switched on and the windows partially open. As always, Little Girls and I are at the back, Kuya at the middle and their dad in front.

At 5:45 am, I woke the kids up and we headed a few steps to the waters. The shore was covered with small corals and shells, and the waterbed was more rocky than sandy. There were sea urchins too that both Kuya and his Dad had to pluck out spines out of their feet.

This is Little Girls's second beach camping (first was near Jebel Ali Resort and Spa last winter), however it's her first beach bath. She enjoyed it of course.

Another fun part of this experience was how we reached Dibba. Husband planned on the route to include an offroad drive, so that instead of following the highway that's made long by going through the oblong map route, we cut through by passing the rocky mountains, and even passing through Oman's inclave exiting at Madha then to Khorfakkan. We've already taken part of this route two years back, and while we know our expectations, what made us glad was getting our mates happy (two cars) as this was their first time over the mountains. Road trips become more exciting when shared, indeed.

Getting back home, the group took on highway E89. It's a new road but I thought it's boring (unless one is rushing to reach Dubai) compared to the route (red line, map below) we took two years back:

For more photos of our drive, do click HERE

So that was how we spent our long weekend {"-"}...

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