Desert Drives

Desert Car Breakdown Recovery

October 28, 2013

Until a year ago, a real dune bashing experience was something we just wished that we could do with our own car. But of course the fear of getting stuck in the desert held us back until we met our desert family.

As my colleague had put it, never drive alone to the desert. There's always a way out of course, but how expensive could it be, especially when your car unfortunately breaks down and would not start. 

Here's a video I took. Watch how the Durango (machine off), has to be pulled out by two mates. In these instances, I coined my own partial description of desert driving -- it is the art and science of gracefully driving through the dunes. Especially during car recovery, an understanding of the sand state, dune form, car position and recovery strategy are all essential

I have yet to read a book on how to create sand splashes and the essentials of desert car recovery, but I am seeing a lot already from our desert friends. 

Video below is on car recovery, dune bashing on a separate post.

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