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Family Play Time

November 15, 2014

Hello blog! It's been awhile.

Something hit my heart yesterday. We had an 8pm dinner yesterday. After keeping away the dishes, husband was obviously tired for the day, a normal scenario. He laid down on the couch and napped. Our charming wee girl on the other hand was energetic and playing and wants a play mate.

And it hit me, I saw my previous myself in that scene. When my kids deserved my after work time then and I cant. Either my shoulders were just too tired and wished to nap, or I have to come home late, at times 1am. Or I need to face the laptop until 2am or even 4am. Or work during weekends. (That was not everyday though, but let's say more than half of each month).

It's been five months since I've been out of work, staying at home. I never thought I'll love being this way this much. For the longest time before (I've been in the sandpit for 10 years now) I've been conscious of how much I earn for the family -- except for the last 5 months. But realistically, I need to be back to the work routine soon if we are to survive the desert life. I blogged about this to remind me that my kids will not be kids forever, they grow and we don't want regretting missing to play with them.

And to add more charm to the reminder are these photos of my babies  (^-^)

Desert Drives

Filipinos and Changing Visas in Hatta

October 19, 2014

My two Gremlins and I had our visas cancelled and are now processing the family sponsorship under the Father/ Husband. After our entry visas, we should either exit the country or pay the in-country change visa fees. Hearing some people doing the visa runs to the Hatta border (UAE- Oman), we decided of exiting the country by driving towards the border. We did so on Friday, but returned unsuccessful :-( . Filipinos did not have privilege for the visa run by the UAE border, this we learned later.

Apparently, we need a stamp from Oman, however based on Husband's previous travels, he would see fellow Filipinos unable to get a stamp. Also, we assumed that since I and the kids have no residence visas at this time, Oman may not grant us visa upon-arrival. So we decided to turn back. We actually reached the Oman border offices (to try our luck), but because Husband was avoiding the car procedures as well (and any possible hassle of entering Oman soil), we turned and drove straight back to UAE soil.

We could have researched first, yet it was an experience to call :-)

Anyhow, there was still respite for the day. We drove off-road before reaching the border and unexpectedly saw this small oasis. I thought next chance we are there, I will trace the water source. There were small fishes, bees, a pelican --  that for a hot weather and most dry land we see, this is refreshing for the eyes.

By around sunset, we were back at Lahbab. To reward the Gremlins for their patience on the long drive, we brought them into the sand dunes. By night, Husband switched the car lights. The surroundings were generally dark, hence the lights invited insects and even a white rat to where we were. We still had packed food so we had dinner under the clear skies where our Gremlin Girl pointed to the stars.

This beetle ran away with some few rice

A mantis came to say hello

Road Trips

Back to Hajar Mountains

October 08, 2014

We've been on the roads and Fujairah's mountains again over the Eid break. We were moving with our phone's google maps, and it was pretty exciting seeing that  we were driving between two Emirates within minutes because of the inclaves and exclaves.

The tracks have since been developed since we last passed them, making it faster to move around. However we were blocked twice to our destinations because of the ongoing construction and development. 

We looked for the scenic spots for some photos and here's some BTS shots.

It was still quite warm even around nightfall as dragon flies came near to greet us. :-)

Behind the shoot

Thinking Out Loud

The Husband is Blogging

September 24, 2014

And the wifey is carrying a big smiley :-)

The Husband will be telling his stories through photographs.

He has sparked his interest in photography after winning in a prestigious competition in the UAE, May of this year. While his winning was from having the most votes, it was nonetheless a big and motivating event for him especially joining over lunch some of the biggest names (and the big winners during the competition) of Filipino photo enthusaiasts based in the UAE. Quite a group of inspiring achievers.

With the guys who are breathing photography

And so his blog would be his platform to monitor his progress. His first works are HERE .

All about our Princess

Little Girl turns two

April 27, 2014

My Little Boss turns two years old today, she who made me feel how wonderful and magical to have a baby everyday at home.

Two years went by so quick it seems, but I am trying to remind my self to enjoy each growing day of my kids.

Hello Kitty misplaced her whiskers but still pretty in pink

Husband is 30 Something

March 17, 2014

The Gremlins’ Dad turned 30-something last month and as for the thanksgiving, we drove to Al Ain then a family lunch at Al Barari Farm.

I booked a hotel stay at Mercure Grand atop Jebel Hafeet but we arrived only by 6pm on check-in day. We regretted being too late because there were great kids facilities in the area and the Gremlins missed to use them. 

We are used to staying at hotels as our base for our long drives (we wanted to catch the sunrise in Al Ain) rather than to actually be in the hotel for the entire time and relax. We realized this attitude should change now with two Gremlins in tow who should have activities of their own.

Out by the balcony, we had a beautiful sweeping view of Al Ain’s lights with the mountains.

The alarm rang 6am but the horizon was hazy/ foggy and no chance for a good sunrise photo from the mountains. We left the hotel for the main reason of the drive – a sunrise photo at Zakher Lake. It was a foggy morning but photo enthusiasts were just everywhere from Jebel Hafeet to Zakher Lake. The Al Ain Photographia Awards sure has got everyone excited.

Back to the hotel, the Husband has to blow his birthday candle. I was glad they had a cafĂ© where I ordered the cake from. 

By 1pm, we were driving down back to Zakher Lake, again to the other end (we had the advantage of confidence to drive by the sand dunes, :- ) ):

Little Girl has all the while been behaving in her car seat. Although I let her play out, we had to leave for a 3pm booking in Dubai.

The Husband’s birthday lunch is back in Dubai at The Farm in Al Barari. From the entrance, it’s a long drive along tall, thick, lush greens, which for a while transported us away from the thought that we are actually in a sandpit. Reaching the restaurant itself, a really beautiful place further greeted us:

Water lilies, flowing water, green lawns, gardens, hammock,

Surrounded and enclosed in greens, we were mentally transported awhile forgetting we are actually living in  the desert.

As I asked the staff what could be a good desert to put a birthday candle, he offered a complementary lemon cheese cake:

We stayed for the next three hours, that seemed so short for a great and relaxing place :- )

So Husband's desire granted on his birthday, another great family day.

Getting Wet at Little Explorers

March 10, 2014

The Kids had a blast last week at Little Explorers at Mirdiff City Center at a friend’s nephew 6th birthday. Little Girl loved the water play the most. And Kuya got his shirt wet in sweat from the group dancing activity.

Riane meantime, loved all of Little Explorer’s play zones, especially the water plays, getting wet and changing her dress twice (<*-*>) .

UAE - Dubai

Have you visited a farm in Dubai yet?

February 21, 2014

On our weekend desert drive the other week, the Drivers pulled over near a farm in the desert to deflate the tyres before we drive to the dunes further.

I saw the caretaker and I excitedly ran to ask his permission to take photos. He was speaking Arabic, and we settled our conversation with "mafi Arabic" as I was signalling him what I wanted to do.

I have always wanted to take photos of green things lining up the desert sands but would feel too far from them, and with that feeling that getting to close without asking permission may get me into trouble. But this time, the Bangladeshi farmer was too glad to show me his crops.

Same photos posted on Facebook page 'Disyerto'

All about our Superman

Kalel gets and ear check

February 15, 2014

Yes, i am contemplating on a nasal surgery, not the cosmetic one though.

I brought Kuya to the EENT doctor over the weekend as he complained of ear ache from his colds. 

Eardrops and an antihistamine was prescribed for the Gremlin. 

And, here's Kuya with his ears, nose and throat check:


Lovely Little Creatures

February 15, 2014

Along Hatta - Oman road in between the Dubai borders. The gravel plain, and the carpet and clay figurine shops. (Photo taken with the phone camera)

It was a family date on Valentine's Day -- on a usual activity of desert camping, dune driving with friends, then another short road trip.

Temperature indicated 14 deg Celsius past 11pm on Thursday night as we drove into the camp site, so we decided to sleep in the car than putting up the tent. (Usually, the mercury drops further at around 3am.) My Gremlins were already asleep before we even reached camp so their Gremlin Dad and I had our time sitting and sharing stories instead of chasing them.

By 2am we left our friends by the bonfire  so we could catch sleep. Camping with friends usually means hitting the sack between 3 to 4 am, but this time we wanted to spend Friday being out instead of being in bed all afternoon.

After the Friday dune drive at Lahbab's Area 53, our tyres were inflated back by 12 noon. Friends headed back to Dubai while we headed towards Hatta. Along Oman side (in between the two border checks), we drove off-track the highway where shrubs gave green color to the gravel plain. I probably was still exhausted from the previous week that spotting tiny flowers  and taking photos of them already made me really happy.

Tiny flowers, lovely at close-up (Photo taken with the phone camera)

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