Lovely Little Creatures

February 15, 2014

Along Hatta - Oman road in between the Dubai borders. The gravel plain, and the carpet and clay figurine shops. (Photo taken with the phone camera)

It was a family date on Valentine's Day -- on a usual activity of desert camping, dune driving with friends, then another short road trip.

Temperature indicated 14 deg Celsius past 11pm on Thursday night as we drove into the camp site, so we decided to sleep in the car than putting up the tent. (Usually, the mercury drops further at around 3am.) My Gremlins were already asleep before we even reached camp so their Gremlin Dad and I had our time sitting and sharing stories instead of chasing them.

By 2am we left our friends by the bonfire  so we could catch sleep. Camping with friends usually means hitting the sack between 3 to 4 am, but this time we wanted to spend Friday being out instead of being in bed all afternoon.

After the Friday dune drive at Lahbab's Area 53, our tyres were inflated back by 12 noon. Friends headed back to Dubai while we headed towards Hatta. Along Oman side (in between the two border checks), we drove off-track the highway where shrubs gave green color to the gravel plain. I probably was still exhausted from the previous week that spotting tiny flowers  and taking photos of them already made me really happy.

Tiny flowers, lovely at close-up (Photo taken with the phone camera)

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  1. its nice to know you're back, I miss your posts, hoping to see more of your desert adventures. big girl na rin ang bunso mo :)

  2. Desert camping on Vday is so unusual. Your family trip makes me want to ditch the annual romantic dinner and do something unique next year.


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