Husband is 30 Something

March 17, 2014

The Gremlins’ Dad turned 30-something last month and as for the thanksgiving, we drove to Al Ain then a family lunch at Al Barari Farm.

I booked a hotel stay at Mercure Grand atop Jebel Hafeet but we arrived only by 6pm on check-in day. We regretted being too late because there were great kids facilities in the area and the Gremlins missed to use them. 

We are used to staying at hotels as our base for our long drives (we wanted to catch the sunrise in Al Ain) rather than to actually be in the hotel for the entire time and relax. We realized this attitude should change now with two Gremlins in tow who should have activities of their own.

Out by the balcony, we had a beautiful sweeping view of Al Ain’s lights with the mountains.

The alarm rang 6am but the horizon was hazy/ foggy and no chance for a good sunrise photo from the mountains. We left the hotel for the main reason of the drive – a sunrise photo at Zakher Lake. It was a foggy morning but photo enthusiasts were just everywhere from Jebel Hafeet to Zakher Lake. The Al Ain Photographia Awards sure has got everyone excited.

Back to the hotel, the Husband has to blow his birthday candle. I was glad they had a café where I ordered the cake from. 

By 1pm, we were driving down back to Zakher Lake, again to the other end (we had the advantage of confidence to drive by the sand dunes, :- ) ):

Little Girl has all the while been behaving in her car seat. Although I let her play out, we had to leave for a 3pm booking in Dubai.

The Husband’s birthday lunch is back in Dubai at The Farm in Al Barari. From the entrance, it’s a long drive along tall, thick, lush greens, which for a while transported us away from the thought that we are actually in a sandpit. Reaching the restaurant itself, a really beautiful place further greeted us:

Water lilies, flowing water, green lawns, gardens, hammock,

Surrounded and enclosed in greens, we were mentally transported awhile forgetting we are actually living in  the desert.

As I asked the staff what could be a good desert to put a birthday candle, he offered a complementary lemon cheese cake:

We stayed for the next three hours, that seemed so short for a great and relaxing place :- )

So Husband's desire granted on his birthday, another great family day.

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  1. it is such a blessing to have our family with us here in the sandpit.great getaway btw

  2. The Zakher Lake looks amazing! Now, I got another destination on my Sweet Escape list. :)


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