Desert Drives

Filipinos and Changing Visas in Hatta

October 19, 2014

My two Gremlins and I had our visas cancelled and are now processing the family sponsorship under the Father/ Husband. After our entry visas, we should either exit the country or pay the in-country change visa fees. Hearing some people doing the visa runs to the Hatta border (UAE- Oman), we decided of exiting the country by driving towards the border. We did so on Friday, but returned unsuccessful :-( . Filipinos did not have privilege for the visa run by the UAE border, this we learned later.

Apparently, we need a stamp from Oman, however based on Husband's previous travels, he would see fellow Filipinos unable to get a stamp. Also, we assumed that since I and the kids have no residence visas at this time, Oman may not grant us visa upon-arrival. So we decided to turn back. We actually reached the Oman border offices (to try our luck), but because Husband was avoiding the car procedures as well (and any possible hassle of entering Oman soil), we turned and drove straight back to UAE soil.

We could have researched first, yet it was an experience to call :-)

Anyhow, there was still respite for the day. We drove off-road before reaching the border and unexpectedly saw this small oasis. I thought next chance we are there, I will trace the water source. There were small fishes, bees, a pelican --  that for a hot weather and most dry land we see, this is refreshing for the eyes.

By around sunset, we were back at Lahbab. To reward the Gremlins for their patience on the long drive, we brought them into the sand dunes. By night, Husband switched the car lights. The surroundings were generally dark, hence the lights invited insects and even a white rat to where we were. We still had packed food so we had dinner under the clear skies where our Gremlin Girl pointed to the stars.

This beetle ran away with some few rice

A mantis came to say hello

Road Trips

Back to Hajar Mountains

October 08, 2014

We've been on the roads and Fujairah's mountains again over the Eid break. We were moving with our phone's google maps, and it was pretty exciting seeing that  we were driving between two Emirates within minutes because of the inclaves and exclaves.

The tracks have since been developed since we last passed them, making it faster to move around. However we were blocked twice to our destinations because of the ongoing construction and development. 

We looked for the scenic spots for some photos and here's some BTS shots.

It was still quite warm even around nightfall as dragon flies came near to greet us. :-)

Behind the shoot

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