Family Play Time

November 15, 2014

Hello blog! It's been awhile.

Something hit my heart yesterday. We had an 8pm dinner yesterday. After keeping away the dishes, husband was obviously tired for the day, a normal scenario. He laid down on the couch and napped. Our charming wee girl on the other hand was energetic and playing and wants a play mate.

And it hit me, I saw my previous myself in that scene. When my kids deserved my after work time then and I cant. Either my shoulders were just too tired and wished to nap, or I have to come home late, at times 1am. Or I need to face the laptop until 2am or even 4am. Or work during weekends. (That was not everyday though, but let's say more than half of each month).

It's been five months since I've been out of work, staying at home. I never thought I'll love being this way this much. For the longest time before (I've been in the sandpit for 10 years now) I've been conscious of how much I earn for the family -- except for the last 5 months. But realistically, I need to be back to the work routine soon if we are to survive the desert life. I blogged about this to remind me that my kids will not be kids forever, they grow and we don't want regretting missing to play with them.

And to add more charm to the reminder are these photos of my babies  (^-^)

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