Motiongate Dubai's Zombieland Blast off Ride 58 meter vertical drop down

March 17, 2017

Zombieland's Blast-off ride is a thrilling drop tower ride at Motiongate Dubai that should not be missed as long as height and other requirements permit. 

This amusement ride seems not to miss riders who start screaming as the gondolas are slowly pulled high up and shrieks even louder as they drop to a fast free fall.

Apparently at Kalel's age, he took pride that he queued for 10 rides for the day. On the other hand, the getting-old woman in me was initially scared to experience the ride myself. It took me the 3rd visit to agree in riding. But lo! It was not scary after all. It just takes some technique to turn it into a unique experience.

My experience riding the Blast-off drop tower

I sat between Kalel and a another dad with his son. From the looks of it, the dad was like me forced by the son to give him company. I felt I did not have the liberty to show my fear so I decided to stay calm, avoid screaming. I did! 

As the gondolas were hoisted up, I started to "release" myself to the air, loosening my body from reacting. And it was the best feeling high up the air! If I could stay longer there to meditate and be at awe of the surroundings.

Then came the fast drop -- I just "let-go" and just consciously enjoyed the feeling that my bottom floated away from the chair! 

So am ready to take on the challenge for drop towers higher than Motiongate's Blast-off of 58m. Probably yes. Let see :-)

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