How to Enjoy Legoland Dubai with Kids

April 24, 2017

I've finally got a chance to write about and piece together a video of our Legoland Dubai family experiences in Oct'16 (during the soft-openings) and in Jan'17.

Kalel and Riane has the perfect heights to be able to make the most of the ride types for them. At four years old, Riane exactly hit those of the 105cm height restrictions.

Do check our video below. There's more of rides and attractions not taken in the video though.

How to enjoy Legoland Dubai, as we thought:

  • Legoland closes quite early (not 10pm as most play areas in Dubai does, unless this changes), so the earliest kids can come, the better. There is much to be done, and if there are no queues and kids get tireless, one full day, if not more,  is needed to try all the rides.
  • Plan your route, get a park map.
  • When it's hot on mid-day, it would be good to start with the indoor attractions at Miniland; watch the two shows at Lego Studios 4D and Ninjago; or create towers and cars at Imagination and Lost Kingdom. Mid afternoon can start with all the outdoor rides, unless kids are already used to running under the sun.
  • The best day to visit is when there are less guests, most likely on a working day or school day, when there are less queues.
  • Buy some Lego stuff at the retails shops! Shopping is best done before you leave to avoid carrying extra bags when going around. Also, there's a lot of stuff to drool on, it may take your rides time just by choosing what to pick.
  • For smaller kids, parents could check first the areas in the park that their kids can play in, checking with the staff if their kids can be allowed to ride before they join the queue. We saw frustrated parents queue-ing with their little kids for 30 minutes, only to be dis-allowed to ride.
  • Have enough water for the kids as they run in between rides and attractions.

Miniland in Legoland Dubai -- gives a quick tour around Dubai

The Grand Mosque at Legoland Dubai

Dubai Airport 'mini-fied' at Legoland

More Legos inside Lost Kingdom

Visiting Egypt Outside Lost Kingdom

Little Kids love this ride at Dragon's Apprentice
Happy kids!


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