Mountain Drive to Madha in Fujairah

April 05, 2017

As we had our aunt visiting the UAE, we chose to take charge in driving her to see the other wonders of the country which are not otherwise usually shown in videos. For her next route, we decided to bring her to Fujairah.

We are not good at following planned routes unless we have a definite goal on a specific place, and we would always  just like yesterday when we decided to bring Auntie to see Fujairah. The thought of cutting through the mountain came to our minds. Fortunately we found our way to Oman's inclave within UAE in Madha, however our route was stopped when we reached the path that was washed deep with the recent rains, risky to force the car to pass. We turned back to the highway, yet happy we had good snaps of the mountain that had vibrant colors wonderfully kissed by the sun. 

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