The perfect beach spot for kids near Burj Al Arab

April 30, 2017

We were to meet friends at the beach near Burj Al Arab on Saturday morning. We reached the beach at 7:30 am. But coming from inside an airconditioned car, it already felt hot outside, a confirmation that summer is here to start.

The stretch of the beach was a bit clear with less beach goers although with occasional bus loads of tourists dropping by to take photos of the iconic seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab.

We did not have plans of letting Riane swim apart from expecting her to walk along the beach side to collect sea shells, hence she came in a dress.

But as they went nearer the beach, it was low tide and there was a long stretch of shallow water. She started wading in. Kalel, meanwhile was too eager and swam towards the farthest side he was allowed to go.

Riane's friend came and they shared giggles and laughters playing in the water and chasing each other.

People started coming by around 9:30am as we also prepared to leave.

We have to buy Riane her swimming clothes soon. We just know both kids would be pleading for more beach time. And we knew it would be healthy to catch the Vitamin D out there.

~ Little kids giggles are at the happiest when shared with their playmates
~ We think sunrise is the perfect time to start dipping toes in the beach, just enough time to get tired by around mid-morning when the sun gets hotter
~ Saturday mornings has lesser beach goers, if we want to take photos of the clear beach and have less chance of getting others in the frame.

Let's all have a happy summer with the beach!


Burj Al Arab beach summer

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