Welcome 2017 !

April 20, 2017

Hey, a third of the year is almost over and this is my first post for the year!

So, this year I am committing myself to blog again. I actually started a new blog with the same theme of family and adventures, however I thought I should update this blog instead.

I was actively blogging here until my daughter was born, when blogging lost priority to tackle the daily grind of working and raising two kids. I used to blog about my first child's milestones, along with our driving adventures around the UAE.

As with our drives, I was too motivated in blogging that I would ask myself -- do I blog because we drive, or do we drive so I could blog? Either way, it has been a winning activity.
For now, I had been on and off work for the past three years, so might as well bring back the motivation to blog, until I get back and busy with work.


Our family loves driving around the UAE, exploring the corners and the roads less traveled, or those of driving offroad where we turn the challenges of driving into excitement.

Years back -- the mountains, wadis and desert tracks we visited were not as popular as they are now because roads were not paved and light posts are not known. We did not have mobile Google maps, but we had printed maps and instructions as guides. One path missed and we would get lost. When darkness starts to set in, we race to find the road out while we can still see around us. Dust would chase us as we pass unpaved paths. We slowly curve our way up or down the rough mountains paths with no side barriers where a quick look down gives enough goosebumps. These were experiences we were able to document by blogging.


While I blogged as a journal, blogging also made me meet fellow bloggers online, the most remarkable of which is seeing my blogger friends evolve from just blogging as a personal hobby to becoming social influencers making a difference by helping out the larger community.  


So, I am back at writing about our family adventures to hopefully motivate us to re-discover places, let the kids absorb the sun and outside air, take photos to share, meet friends, and the best would be is if it leads us into something that can make a difference elsewhere.

In the years that I was actively blogging and we were actively going places, we seemed to have done a lot other than staying at home or window shopping inside malls. This way, the feeling of "time flew so fast" has not been a constant mumbling because we were accomplishing some things. It was like, we have to do something in between work so that there would be something to share in the blog.

So, I wish myself that my love for sharing our stories be strongly fuelled.

Enjoy the day!

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