Photo Stories : Beaches and Date Fruits in Khorfakkan, Fujairah

June 09, 2017

 The hot weather does not stop us to go on long drives. And often times, we arrive to unexpected treats.

Our summer drive to Fujairah this year treated us to wonderful communion with the sea breeze and to beautiful sights of date trees.

We are sharing you some of photos of our drive here:

It's date fruits season!

The date tree and Fujairah's beach line, blending beautifully

Those date fruits dangling majestically deserves a photo (in Fujairah)

Fujairah's sea shore

Fujairah's sea shore lined with stones and rocks

Fujairah's Khorfakkan beach line : chasing the waves

Fujairah's Khorfakkan beach line : challenging the waves

Fujairah's Khorfakkan beach line : a perfect walk path for father and son

Kids have a special place too here at this slides (Fujairah's Khorfakkan beach)

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